What is Social Transport?

Social Transport is a ride sharing application that allows the user to specify how much they are willing to pay for a trip/journey.

How much does it cost to join Social Transport?

Nothing! Membership is free.

How does Social Transport work for passengers?

Passengers submit a ‘Trip Request’ using the trip request form. This form asks for the pick up and destination addresses, number of passengers (maximum 4), time of pick up (0-30, 30-60mins or other) gender of driver required (Male/Female), payment type (Cash, Paypal, Credit Cards) and then the amount the passenger is willing to pay for a trip.

Once a trip request has been submitted, the trip is then logged, signified by a blue line, pick up and destination.The trip request is then sent to drivers in the area and they then respond if they want to take the passenger on a trip.

Once a trip is requested simply wait for drivers to respond to your request. When a driver responds a ‘Driver Icon’ will appear on the passenger screen, this signifies that a driver has responded and is willing to take you. In some instances there will be several driver icons appear as more drivers may want to take you. If this is the case simple click on the icons and select the driver you would like. Once a driver has been confirmed by you, the drivers details will appear. The drivers details will include a photo of the driver, year, make, model, colour and registration of the driver and their vehicle. Please check these details before getting into a vehicle.

How does Social Transport work for drivers?

Once you have registered and logged in, ‘Passenger Icon’s’ will start to appear on screen. Click on any of the icons and select which one you would like. Only one trip can be selected at a time and the passenger has 3 minutes to accept or decline you. If the passenger accepts you then an alert will appear on screen with the passenger details, these will include a picture of the passenger and the ability to call the passenger. If the passenger declines your offer or takes longer than 3 minutes to accept your offer an alert will appear on screen and you then have the ability to select another trip.

When arriving to pick up the passenger please reconfirm the details of the passenger. If for any reason you are not happy about the passenger please DON’T PICK THE PASSENGER UP and contact us immediately.

Do I have to get in a vehicle?

No. If for whatever reason you feel uneasy about the driver PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T GET IN! You are under no obligation to get into a vehicle. Please walk away.

Do I need to include my mobile number?

It is advisable to include your mobile or cell number when registering, for when a driver may need to contact you, but don’t worry your number is safe with us as the driver will never ‘see’ your number when calling.

Can I ask for a female driver?

Yes. One of the unique features of Social Transport is that you can ask for a female driver.

Do I need a police check?

No. But those drivers that have a confirmed police check are more likely to obtain more jobs given the added security that a police check brings. It is advisable for all drivers to obtain a police check.

Do I need a Paypal account?

No, however it is advisable given that some passengers may only want to pay via Paypal.

Trip Request – My actual address isn’t correct.

Sometimes this may happen given the nature of the GPS in your mobile/cell. Simply edit the address in the address bar.

Trip Request – No drivers have responded to my trip request?

There may be several reasons why this may occur. There may be no drivers in your area, you dollar amount is too low, time of day.